MJIJH is organized for charitable services with the following missions:
• Provide a messianic community interfaith church ministry
• Provide educational and counseling services in health and wellness
• Engage in health related and/or disease prevention and/or community research projects

Board Members

Rabbi Martins Dike MA
M Phil, MDir
Chair, Founder
Email: info@mjijh.org
Rabbi Martins Dike & family.
Pastor Sandra Gerber-Dike RN MSN
Vice Chair/ Treasurer Cofounder
Email: info@mjijh.org



Benedetta Dike
           Secretary & Director of Activities            


        Tare Nisbet                                                       Treasure                           


                          Francis Dike                                                Education Director                         
                    Mary Elizabeth Dike                                                 Director                                 
                      Emmanuel Dike                                              General Manager                                                                                

                        Chiwendu Dike                                           Health Services Director               

Advisory Board Members


 Karis Engle                             



           Roberto Dike                        Computer Logistic                        




                       Kimberly Albrecht                                                                



Reverend Jude

Sister Berna